General Rental Conditions

1. The legal provisions governing the contract

This contract is entered into to cover a temporary vacation residence. The premises cannot be used as a primary, or even a secondary, residence. The tenant cannot use the premises to engage in any commercial activity, handicraft business or professional activity. The occupying resident cannot rely on the application of laws applicable to residential leases, in particular, with respect to remaining on the premises. Accordingly, the contract shall be governed by the provisions of the French Civil Code [le Code Civil], as well as by the conditions stipulated herein.

2. Contract

The flat is still available for rental, as long as the reservation has not actually been paid. Once we have received payment for the balance of the cost of your stay, you will receive by e-mail a copy of the seasonal furnished rental contract. The final contract shall be signed and submitted on the date of arrival. The tenant must be at least 18 years old and be legally capable of entering into contracts and using the site in accordance with these specific conditions. The tenant further warrants the veracity and accuracy of the information he provides.

3. Réservation

The online reservation procedure is comprised of at least the following steps:
- The customer seeks available lodging based on the criteria he selected (length of stay, arrival date and number of people).
- The client selects the lodging and services of his choice, by clicking on “send”.
- A description of the lodging, the price of the rental (including all taxes), the services associated with the stay and their rental price (including all taxes), the general rental conditions, and the method to be used to pay the down deposit are sent by e-mail.

“Aime à Paris” shall send the customer confirmation of his reservation within at most 48 hours. A reservation number will be assigned to the customer. Said number must be indicated in any correspondence, in the event of a complaint.

4. Payment terms

4.1 Confirmation by down deposit
Your reservation is confirmed by the payment of a down deposit of 25% of the total amount of your rental.
When the down deposit is paid, you will be asked to pay for any optional extras.
The amount to be paid shall be indicated to you by e-mail.
The down deposit must be paid as follows:
- By the sending of a signed scan/fax authorising the debiting of the amount and giving the references of your payment card (card number, expiry date, confidential code number, cardholder’s name, and a clear and legible photocopy of both sides of your credit card).
As soon as your payment has been received, an e-mail will be sent to confirm to you your flat reservation, together with a detailed invoice.

4.2 Payment of the balance of your stay
30 days before your arrival, “Aime à Paris” will send you an e-mail asking you to pay the remainder of the cost of your stay. This payment may be made in any of 4 following ways:

- By bank transfer to “3MELL REAL ESTATE” to the account at HSBC, 03 Rue des Mathurins, 75009 – Paris

50,00€ Bank charges will be applied.
“RIB” [official stub containing full bank account details] for a transfer within
France: 30056 00680 06800000631 19
IBAN account for international transfers:
FR76 3005 6006 8006 8000 0063 180

- By cash money order, to the attention of: 3MELL REAL ESTATE.
- By the sending of a signed scan/fax authorising the debiting of the amount and giving the references of the payment card (card number, expiry date, confidential code number, the cardholder’s name and a clear and legible photocopy of both sides of your credit card).
- If you wish you may also pay the balance once you have arrived. However, payment must be made in cash or in travellers’ cheques (exclusively in euros)

Please specify to us by return e-mail the option that you choose for to pay the balance.
No key will be given until your entire stay has been paid.
In the event that payment has not been made following communication of an erroneous credit card number, credit card fraud or if all or part of the amount has not been paid, “Aime à Paris” shall be entitled to cancel the reservation without notice and without compensation, in which case the resulting expenses shall be borne by the customer. A civil and/or criminal action may, if applicable, be taken against the customer.

5. Security deposit

A security deposit is made by a pre-authorization to debit the tenant’s credit card (EUR 1,000 for flats measuring less than 99 m² and EUR 1,500 for flats larger than 100 m²).
The deposit guarantees any damages caused to the premises and/or to the furniture and/or to the objects furnishing the premises, as well as telephone consumption (unless specifically authorised), and television consumption (except for free stations).
For stays of more than two months, the security deposit shall reflect one month of rent.

Naturally, this pre-authorisation is cancelled 30 days after the date it is issued (if no funds were drawn from the deposit).
A joint inventory of the premises [état des lieux] shall be drawn up at the time of departure.

- No furniture, object or linen is missing, damaged or dirty, or if this is the case, its identical restoration or replacement is agreed with the landlord, which has accepted it.

The premises have not sustained any damage and are returned in clean condition (cupboards, dustbins and refrigerator free of waste, bathrooms/toilettes, household appliances, and dishes washed and put back in their customary place).
If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant hereby covenants to pay the difference
- The tenant cannot oppose visits to the premises if such visits are requested by the owner or his representative. He shall authorise the landlord to engage in any operations the urgency and necessity of which appear during the rental, without demanding any compensation or rent reduction.

6.Cancellation conditions

It is essential to inform us if you cancel your stay; you may do so by fax or e-mail, or in writing.
Cancellations by telephone shall not be accepted.
The effective date of a written cancellation shall be the date of its receipt.

50,00€ Bank charges will be applied for all cancellation.
- If a cancellation is received 46 or more days prior to the date of arrival, no cancellation compensation shall be demanded.
- The down deposit shall be kept if a cancellation is received between the 45th day and the 31th day prior to the date of arrival.
- If a cancellation is made less than 30 days prior to the date of arrival, the down deposit shall be kept and the additional price of the stay shall be due in full.

7. Cancellations due to the act or fault of “Aime à Paris”

In the event that unforeseen events (fire-water damage-burglary) prevent access to a flat, Aime à Paris covenants to find you an identical or higher category flat located as close as possible to the flat you chose, without any change of dates or price.
In the event that such a change is impossible, all of the amounts received by Aime à Paris will be reimbursed to you. In this case, you will not be entitled to request compensation from Aime à Paris.

8. Modifications to your request

You may make modifications to the arrival date, departure date, or the flat, at the latest 31 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, without sustaining any additional charges, subject to equivalent availability. In the event of a modification between the 30th day and the initial arrival date, you will be debited EUR 100 for administrative expenses.

9. Pricing policy

9.1Short-term rental
A short-term rental is understood as a stay of between 6 and 60 nights (2 months). The total charge for your stay is calculated on the basis of the rate per night times the number of nights reserved. .
The rate will include:
- The rental of the premises
- Telephone, television and Internet subscriptions
- Energy consumption (water-gas-electricity)
- Supply of household linen,  (bed linen and bath towels)
- Maid service prior to your arrival
- Civil liability insurance, excluding your property and securities.
- Our assistance for all of your requests throughout your stay

The following are not included in our price list:
- “Premium Services” and “A la Carte” services
- Additional contractual charges (arrival and departure outside the time slots stipulated in the conditions mentioned below, additional maid service, etc.).
Prices are per night, and for the flat, regardless of the number of persons occupying the flat, and up to the number of persons authorised in the flat’s description.

9.2 Medium and long-term rentals
Medium and long-term rentals are rentals that exceed 60 nights (2 months). If your rental is medium or long-term, we invite you to contact us. We will be very pleased to find you a place and a rate that reflect your needs.
The price will include:
- The rental of the premises
- Subscriptions: telephone, television and Internet
- Consumption: water, gas and electricity
- Supply of household linen, changed once a week (bed linen and bath towels)
- Maid service prior to your arrival
- Civil liability insurance EXCEPT for your property and securities.
- Our assistance for all of your requests during your stay

The rate will not include:
- weekly maid service, if you so request (EUR 23 (all taxes included)/hour)
- Additional lot of household linen if you so request (EUR 37, including all taxes)

10. Rental period

The minimum number of rental nights is 3. The stay cannot exceed the number of nights indicated on the initial contract, unless authorised in writing by “Aime à Paris”. In the event that the tenant remains on the premises after the initially scheduled date of departure, and if said flat is available, the additional night shall be billed at the rate in effect.

Arrivals – Departures
You must arrive in the flat between 3 PM and 8 PM.
At the time of your reservation you will be asked to indicate your specific time of arrival, in order to enable one of our agents to wait for you at the flat chosen. Accordingly, if you are delayed, you are asked to notify us, in order to enable our teams to organise themselves (we will attach to the reservation confirmation the number of the person to be notified in the event of a delay).
If the flat is not occupied the night prior to your arrival, we will offer you the possibility of arriving before 3 PM, free of charge. Please contact us if this applies to you, “Aime à Paris” will be happy to grant your request.

You must check out/return the keys between 8 AM and 12 PM.
An inventory of the premises [état des lieux] will be carried out in the presence of one of our agents, prior to your departure, at a time agreed with you.
In the event that the flat is not occupied the following night, we offer you the possibility to stay on the premises until 3 PM. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can tell you whether or not the flat is available.

Non-smoking flat
In the best interests of everyone’s health, smoking is prohibited in all of our flats. We therefore ask that you comply with this decision.

The flat’s capacity
The number of persons occupying the flat cannot exceed the number of sleeping accommodations indicated on the rented property’s data sheet. No exceptions will be made.
Use of the premises
Once the rental agreement has been signed by the two parties, the tenant covenants to follow the following rules:
- The flat will only be occupied for private purposes during the customer’s stay for tourist or business purposes. Under no circumstances may the premises be used for a commercial activity, handicraft business or professional activity.
- The flat must be occupied by the contract’s signatory and by those persons accompanying him, up to the flat’s maximum permitted number of occupants.
- The tenant and those accompanying him covenant not to engage in any act that could disturb the peaceful enjoyment of the building’s other inhabitants. The co-ownership rules are applicable to the tenant.

- Occupation of apartments is strictly limited to the number of persons indicated. Children shall be treated as full occupants. Any additional occupants may be either refused or subject to an additional cost for the vacation rental.
- Only the tenant shall be responsible for a complaint involving a disturbance to the neighbours.
- All damages, whether or not intentional, caused by the tenant during his stay shall be invoiced to the tenant.
- Aime à Paris cannot be held responsible for interruptions to the supply of water, gas or electricity, or for damage to personal effects and disturbances due to the neighbours.
- The tenant must return the flat in its original state of cleanliness, failing which EUR 60 (including all taxes) shall be deducted from his security deposit to cover the cost of in-depth cleaning of the premises

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